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Berita Terkini


The Sustainable Products Scheme will be introduced in 2022 for the registration of construction products which align with the needs of the construction industry towards sustainable development for the built environment. 

The objectives of the Sustainable Product Scheme is to create a local green label and a green products directory for the construction industry to strengthen the Green Building Initiatives in Brunei as follows:

1. Brunei Darussalam National Climate Change Policy – Under Strategy 8 Climate Change and Adaptation

2. Protokol Hijau - one of the general guidelines is ‘the purchase of products should be given priority to eco-friendly, recycled or biodegradable products produced by local companies.’

3. Brunei’s Green Building Rating Tool, BAGUS (Brunei Accredited Green Unified Seal) – one of the criteria under the categories is Part 3: Environmental Protection will be relating to Sustainable Products therefore higher scoring can be achieved through the selection of sustainable products which are registered under ABCi.